Thoda sa! Just a smidge!

tl:dr: clean up your portfolio.

Do you have a tiny amount invested in something? In a fund, a stock, or some exotic investment?

And by tiny I mean that if your portfolio is Rs 100, perhaps Rs 2 — or even less — is in this investment.

You could be in this position for two reasons.

Reason #1

You may have had a larger investment in this. You took some out. And over time just a tiny bit is left over.

Reason #2

You decide to dip your toes in a strange, new but enticing investment.

Thoda sa daal ke dekhte hain.

Don’t do it

If you picked Reason #2, it is pointless.

You put in a tiny bit. And even if it does very well, your portfolio will hardly feel the effect.

Say Rs 2 invested becomes Rs 4 — a 100% return — but the portfolio gained only Rs 2 — a 2% return.

Is that worth the effort of investing and monitoring and all that comes with it?

And this is even before the hassle and stress of dealing with an unknown animal. Anything that can double in a short time can as easily go to zero.

If you picked Reason #1, you may need to clean up your portfolio.

Tracking and managing several tiny bits and bobs in your portfolio is tedious. And these are the pennies that slip behind the sofa cushions and are lost.

To do

Pick a meaningful number: say 5%.

Review your portfolio regularly — at least once a year.

Get rid of anything that is not meaningful.

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