A Story: Man’s War on Bills

The Backstory

Among the many challenges of middle age, the one that caught my attention recently was bills!

What a tangled web we weave

The next logical step for me was to find out how others managed their bills. After all, someone must have cracked this rather universal problem!

The Eureka Moment!

It all came to me one day, when I was interacting with my finance guy from work.

  1. The assistant would keep a track of all my bills: when are they due and how much is to be paid
  2. As far as possible, the assistant would bring the bills to me in a bunch: so I don’t spend time dealing with one bill today and another one tomorrow
  3. The assistant would come to me at a time convenient to me: not at 8 am on Monday morning which is what Vodafone seems to prefer
  4. All I should have to do is approve a payment, or edit an amount (if necessary), and then leave it to the assistant to make the payments
  5. When I do happen upon an “Ignore if paid” SMS, I should just be able to check with the assistant if I have indeed paid this bill
  6. The assistant should keep records. So I should be able to ask my assistant questions like, how much was my credit card bill last month? (for instance)

Et tu?

I have told you this story because I believe that autofi can help you with your bills too.

  1. How many bills do you pay in a month? These include all payments like rent, gym fees, salaries etc. But do not include cash payments. Autofi can’t make cash payments for you.

All you need to know

If you think you may want to use autofi, there are three things I’d like you to know.



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